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Your Emotional State is the Key!

Everything impacts on your emotional state, if you are having a good healthy satisfying life or a life of problems and difficulties depends to a large extent on your past and present emotions and how

Why Doubt "The Secret"?

There is so much buzz around at the moment about The Secret, The Law of Attraction, positive thinking, etc, etc.So what is it all about?and why are people doubting it?

Tithing Or God"s Grace - Which Prospers You?

A lot of preachers are dogmatic about biblical tithing but most of what is being taught in Christian churches across North America about a believer'sprosperity is just flat out erroneous. This is a huge topic so I am going to address one false doctrine to the next and make this a series. The wo

The Don"ts Of Living LIFE

It often appears that nearly everyone wants a better or more meaningful life, yet few of us make the efforts or pay sufficient attention to exactly what we should do, and also must avoid doing, in order to have the kind of life we claim we desire. We often witness personal development seminars, and

A Fashionista" s Dream

Be a quirkier fashionista whatever the weather! Know the latest trends in eyewear that fits your personality!

Possible Benefits of Watching Real-Life Violent Videos

Of course, it is a consideration that "shock" videos, or videos that contain real-life violence that happened in the past or happening in the present, may likely play a role in not only increasing a person's awareness of their surroundings, but also likely sparking curiosity in that p

Manifesting Your Dreams With Reiki

Apart from being a healing modality, Reiki can be used to attract that which we desire into our lives. Reiki powerfully enhances the process of manifestation and can be utilized to work wonders in our lives.

Tips for Academic Goal Setting Success

This article will provide you with some tips for academic goal setting. The Big Picture- First of all you need a clear long term goal. This should be the grade that you are aiming for ...

How to Build Your Personal Marketing Swipe File

Don't try and keep all the info that you read in your head. Create your personal marketing swipe file and use 3 key orgaizationsal tools so that you can find these important references anytime you need them.

Is Your Soul Broken?

A broken soul is related to how you feel about yourself, your truest, deepest and most honest beliefs; your philosophy about life; your original ideas and sincerest thoughts, feelings, emotions and se

Huna, Physics and the Law of Attrction

The seven principles of Huna help you understand that you are a limitless being connected to everyone and everything else in the universe with unlimited power available to you to create the life you c

Choosing the Right Krav-Maga Lessons for the Person Taking Them

When someone is liking to take Krav-Maga lessons, they need to make sure that they are taking the right ones. This is not something that is always easy though. There are many options to consider when someone is signing up for one of these lessons.

How A Coach Can Help You

Thecoaching process has three phases:1) To clarify what you want;2) To map out an action plan to get what you want;3) To be supported to the realization of the vision, dream, or goal.Thesephases happen in each session and they are also mirrored in the coachingrelationship between the coach and the c

Peace Is a Necessity of Life

We are living a life in an era of competitions and challenges. Each day poses hurdles which we need to cross in order to get sound sleep at night. It is not easy to get over the worst things in life, whatsoever. Thus, peace has become paramount and equally difficult to obtain.

The Awakened Life by Wayne Dyer

A lot of individuals have achieved success after studying the program The Awakened Life by Wayne Dyer. In many ways, practicing the program opens your eyes to all the new and interesting possibilities around you. Instead of focusing on what you think is possible, The Awakened Life teaches you to und

Self-esteem and interpersonal relationships

Low self-esteem have several negative effects on interpersonal relationships. Of course I cannot tell you about all of these effects, but I will tell you about those that I consider most important.

How To Make Decisions Without Fear

When crisis hits and you find yourself at a crossroad, fear can feel overwhelming. How can you handle the decision-making without hitting the panic button? First, recognize that crisis offers you an opportunity for conscious creation, and see yourself as the conscious creator of your reality. As a c

Not As Happy As You Want To Be

Once we treat our inner self with respect, patience and love, we transform not only ourselves but those around us. We see the world as a place of beauty; a vast area to live and breathe openly and with great joy.

Monergy - Are Others Sabotaging Your Quest For Abundance?

It appears there are many who are struggling to discover that abundance is our birthright even after a lifetime of searching. The most challenging situation is that of an avid disciple of personal empowerment sharing their quest with family and friends who are not in the same mind-set.

5 Secrets of the Millionaire

Millionaires have several characteristics in common.They see the world in certain ways and so they do things in certain ways. If you want to become very successful at anything, including making a million dollars, you need to do what the millionaires do.

Visibility Creates Opportunity

The story of 2 engineers. I have 2 friends, both engineers and graduates from the top university in Singapore. After graduating from the University, Mr Ng got a good project management job at a large international company; Mr Ho decided to work for a local investment company as the financial sector

You Gorgeous Hunk O' Woman!

I've seen people absolutely conflicted in their lives...twisted up like a pretzel. They're scared, lonely, sometimes desperate and working on what they think is a challenge of their

Happy Birthday To You - The Song Of Life

Birthdays are a wonderful reminder for us to take control of our lives by setting new goals and challenges. Each new birth year should be an invitation to expand our growth and write an exciting and new chapter of our Book of Life.