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Cranberry Coffeecake

This wonderful recipe for Cranberry Coffeecake is perfect for holiday entertaining; it has a delicious glaze and layered fruit.

How to Make Gumbo

Gumbo is a traditional Creole-Cajun dish that hails from Louisiana. There are an almost infinite number of variations on the dish, and it's said that no two pots of gumbo ever turn out the same, even if made using the same recipe. Whether or not that's true, they all taste delicious!

Space Cake Ideas

When you are throwing a party with an outer space theme, consider making a cake that matches the rest of the fiesta. All sorts of cakes would fit a space theme, from cakes that look like planets, to rocket ship cakes to alien confections. Consider the rest of the party decor when you plan the cake.

Health Benefits Of Red Wine

As the government starts to crack down on alcohol by reducing where it can be displayed in shops, pups closing due to the recession and increased prices and minimum prices being set by the government, a number of people are argueing that red wine should be exempt from some of these policies. There h

Dragon Well Green Tea – Unveiling the Big Secret

This type of tea hails from China—where some of the great forms of tea originate. Otherwise known as Long-Gin or Lung-Ching, the Dragon Well Green Tea is very popular among the Chinese people. It has

Crystal Light Side Effects

Crystal Light is made by Kraft Foods. It is a powdered beverage that is added to water and comes in many flavors. However, there are some risks to consuming Crystal Light.

What Are the Essential Cookware Pieces?

The amount of cookware and gadgets available for the kitchen can be overwhelming, particularly if you are just starting out and have no idea where to begin. Skip the gimmicky unitaskers, too-small or too-large pots and pans and stock your kitchen with these five essentials.

Stay Away From Beer Making If Looking For A New Hobby

With lots of other possibilities for hobbies home beer brewing probably shouldn"t be a first option.It is as though once involved in the hobby all other thoughts and occupations are forsaken and the endeavor takes over the entire house.

How to Smoke Ribs on a Charcoal Grill

Smoking ribs on your charcoal grill is an excellent way to cook them. Most people mistakenly use too much heat when cooking ribs, which turns flavorful ribs into charred bone. Because smoking involves cooking the ribs slowly over indirect heat, you end up with ribs that are juicy and flavorful. Lear

Homemade Steamer Basket

When you see a recipe calling for steam cooking, you may think you have to pass it up if you don't have a steamer basket in your kitchen. Luckily, you can use several alternatives for most steam recipes. These alternatives will utilize other items in your kitchen to create a simple steaming basket.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chews

Searching for a great bar cookie recipe? Make Chocolate Peanut Butter Chews, a fabulous treat made simple with peanut butter cookie dough.

Is Morton's Neuroma Causing Your Foot Pain?

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects the foot. Women are more likely to suffer from a Morton's neuroma, perhaps due to the shoes they wear. Learn more about Morton's neuroma at About.com's podiatry and foot health webpage.

No Respect: What "They" Used to Say About American Food

Over the last few decades, American food and American regional cuisine has gained much respect around the world for its diversity, creativity and trends towards healthy, and sustainable ingredients. But, as you'll read in this collection of quotes, that certainly was not the always the case. Am

Miller's Risotto - Risotto alla Pilota

The pilota is the person who works the pila, or rice mill, in the countryside around Verona, and since the job is physically demanding, the risotto is substantial.

How to Cut a Head of Lettuce to Make a Salad

The healthy, green and leafy vegetable known as lettuce is used in many ways in a variety of dishes. Perhaps the most popular amongst these is salad. Although it is easy to grab a bag of pre-cut packaged greens at your local grocery store, cutting a head of crisp lettuce on your own yields the fresh

How to Buy Can Foods in Bulk

If you always seem to be making a trip to the grocery store, you should consider learning to buy for days--or even weeks--in advance. Doing so can save you countless dollars in gas, especially if you live a distance from your grocery store. It will also save you money and allow you to stock pile f