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Your Emotional State is the Key!

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Everything impacts on your emotional state, if you are having a good healthy satisfying life or a life of problems and difficulties depends to a large extent on your past and present emotions and how you handled them.

Everyone on this planet will sooner or later have to handle a whole range of human emotions caused by a variety of unexpected happenings in your life from births to deaths and everything in between no one escapes them. So how we cope with our emotions and how we react to them is probably the biggest challenge we have to face in our lives.

How do we get a better emotional state when problems arise? To start with we need to realise that for our ancient ancestors emotions were a matter of life or death, when they felt fear the body was primed for fight or flight it was that simple. With modern man and woman our fear hopefully is not terminal but our body is still programmed like our ancient relatives were.

So when we have an emotional reaction the best way to have some control over it is simply to try and not react but listen to it, really understand what's causing it, step inside it rather than put it outside onto someone else which is what we usually do. Try to remain calm and let the emotion dissipate.

You need to understand that no one can make you feel anything or anyway that you do not want to feel, this is a hard one to achieve but with practice you can become better. The hardest and most common emotion to control is anger and this, for most of us, is the most destructive for everyone involved. If we can control our anger response before it surfaces and gets out of control we will have a positive effect on ourselves and the people closest to us this one is definitely worth working on.

I don't want you to become a zombie with no emotions or no reactions to anything, you will always have emotions that's what's makes us human but by trying to take control of them instead of them taking control of us we can become a much happier human being in our family at work or in society as a whole.

A quotation from a report by the world renowned Johns Hopkins University says the following -

" Cancer is a disease of the Mind, Body and Spirit, a proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. anger, unforgiveness and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic environment. Learn to have a loving and forgiving spirit, learn to relax and enjoy life"

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