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Not As Happy As You Want To Be

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Do you love your life? Are you not as happy as you would like to be? Sometimes it's what is happening on the inside that drives what is occurring on the outside.
How many times does it feel to you that your life is out of control? Stuff is happening so fast and so often.
Your kids aren't listening, the dog isn't listening and your husband says you didn't tell him what you know you told him.
Is it them? Or is it you? You aren't going to like this...
it is you.
If you are unhappy with what is going on, the first place to look is to you.
Great news though, you have the power to change it all.
Yes, you do! What is going on inside is causing the turmoil on the outside.
What are your thoughts about yourself? Are they positive, encouraging and supporting? Or are they more along the lines of "I can't believe I forgot that, you idiot!" I won't go on - I'm aiming for an upbeat feel here.
If your thoughts are negative and you are always putting yourself down, the chances are the negativity is all around your being.
Therefore, when people aren't listening to you, you get annoyed, aggravated and even angry at them.
I call that the outward manifestation of your inner being.
What it really is though, is that you are truly annoyed, aggravated and angry at yourself.
So, then how can you turn that around and get the results you are wanting? Here are five tips to turn it around:
  1. Remember that you have the power to change what you do not like by taking small simple steps.
  2. Stop being so hard on yourself.
    When you hear your inner voice say something negative, stop it right there and remember a time where you felt confident.
  3. Be kind and encouraging to yourself.
    Treat yourself as you would another person and you'll soon shift to a better inner feeling.
  4. Start talking to yourself in a more positive and supporting way.
  5. Begin to pay attention to how you are being with others.
    Are you showing up in a negative, unloving way and if so, shift that to a positive and loving manner.
Through your actions, what you will begin to see is a transformation in yourself.
You will see that you are communicating clearly and that others are really listening.
It's almost like magic and truly beautiful.
You will notice yourself responding differently to others, and others responding to you in a good, positive, very pleasing way.
We see the outer part of ourselves so often we forget that we have an inner self as well.
Once we treat our inner self with respect, patience and love, we transform not only ourselves but those around us.
We see the world as a place of beauty; a vast area to live and breathe openly and with great joy.
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