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How to Change Your Beliefs - 4 Steps

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Changing your beliefs is totally within your power, even though it can seem impossible.
Beliefs are just thoughts that are so strongly in place you no longer question whether they're true or not.
You simply hold them as unquestioned truth.
A belief can be put in place in many ways.
Through traumatic experiences, from our culture and from family.
Each of us maintains thousands of beliefs that shape who we are, whether we find joy or pain from our life and whether we judge an experience to be pleasant and uplifting or unpleasant and degrading.
Your beliefs have a powerful influence on your life.
If you want to change your life...
change your beliefs.
Here is a simple four step process to changing your beliefs.
I've named this process SWAP, which stands for Sleuth, Warp, Alternative and Patrol.
Let's take a closer look at each step in the belief change process.
To change your beliefs, you must know what they are.
So the first step is sleuthing out your beliefs.
Of course, we're most interested in our limiting beliefs, as they are the ones blocking us from experiencing greater joy, self -acceptance, love, health and wealth.
There are several ways to sleuth out your beliefs.
One is to think of any goal or change you'd like in your life.
Then notice what comes up for you.
If you think, "I can't do that (or have that).
" Ask yourself why.
Your answer will reveal a limiting belief.
It could be something like, "I don't deserve to be rich," or "I'm not lucky," or "Good things don't happen for people in my family.
" 2.
The next step in changing your belief is to warp them, so they're not so strongly held in place by your mind - conscious and unconscious.
The method I like, that is very quick and easy to do, is this.
You use a combination of NLP - neuro-lynguistic programming and EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Here's what you do.
You transform your belief into 4 different variations.
This will create the opposite of your original statement and 2 other, often nonsensical variations.
When you say these four variations, while tapping stress-relief points on the body, you're implanting a sense of doubt that your original belief was true.
That's exactly what you want - doubt instead of certainty.
Your belief is about to be pulled up by its roots.
Now that your belief has been dislodged, it's time to implant a new, more empowering belief.
Let's say you just warped "I don't deserve to be rich," and instead you'd like to believe, "I deserve to earn as much money as I want.
" What you do in this step is to find a Power Memory that supports the "I deserve to earn as much money as I want" belief.
This memory may be one of yours, or you could borrow one from someone else.
You might have a memory of holding a lemonade sale and making $20, which seemed like a fortune to you as a little kid.
Your dad told you how proud he was of you and how he expected you to be rich someday with your selling skills.
While using EFT, or tapping, you would describe that positive experience and state your new belief.
This process strengthens the transfer from your old belief to the new.
The last step is to watch your life.
Notice, through your thoughts, words and actions, whether you're still holding onto the old belief, or whether your new belief is stronger.
To test this, you can again, think of a goal or dream and notice what thoughts come up.
If you are still believing you don't deserve money, return to the Warp process.
If, instead another limiting belief surfaces, do the Warp and Alternative process on that belief.
Using this simple and quick process, you can change your beliefs in a matter of minutes.
Over time, this will have a dramatic in all areas of your life.
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