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The Don"ts Of Living LIFE

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It often appears that nearly everyone wants a better or more meaningful life, yet few of us make the efforts or pay sufficient attention to exactly what we should do, and also must avoid doing, in order to have the kind of life we claim we desire.
We often witness personal development seminars, and read related articles, about what a meaningful life entails, and what we might need to do, or seek.
However, rarely are there discussions about what needs to be avoided, which for the sake of this articles, will be referred to ad the don'ts of living one's LIFE.
Perhaps the single biggest and usual stumbling block to maximizing our personal potential and life status, is that, far too often, in order to avoid personal frustration and face the possibility of failing, many people lower their expectations, and by doing so begin the destructive pattern where they limit their potential.
Living one's life to its fullest must equate to striving to be and achieve all that one can be, yet when we begin by lowering our aims or goals, we put ourselves on the self - destructive path of settling for less than what we should hope that we deserve.
Never try to copy someone else! It is far worse to be a bad imitation of someone else, than to be the best original of you! Begin the process with a self - examination, where you are introspectively objective, and thus capable of being honest with yourself.
While there may or may not be merit in referring to song lyrics, in this instance, the lyrics, "I want to be me," are most relevant.
It is extremely unusual for someone with artificially low goals, or a copycat mentality, to be able to truly enjoy and appreciate life.
When you fake, you fail! In order to achieve success, one must begin by being real and sincere.
One can not fool himself into believing that he is a success, and especially that he is living a happy life.
The better one gets to know himself, what he wants, needs and prefers, the better the opportunity and possibility to live one's life to "the max.
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Don't try to escape your responsibilities, but rather prioritize and demand of yourself, that you take control over your destiny, and thus the quality of your life.
Never expect that you'll have the life you believe you deserve, unless you proactively pursue it.
The better we understand what to avoid, and the traps we easily fall into, the greater our personal possibilities.
Don't you owe that to yourself?
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