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Do you know you are greater than your task? Whatever you are working on, whether on a project or a task, understand that it is man's initiative and can not be greater than the initiator.
When you decide to carry out an activity, you must consider yourself first.
No task can perform itself except you work on it.
You then must give preference, value and consideration to yourself first.
Self Development In order to stand out and make a difference in whatever you are doing, it may be on a project, in a job, or as a student, you must know what others do not know.
Those who lead and are at the top, are those who know and understand what others don't.
This is the mark of excellence and uniqueness.
You should note that there are countless number of people who can do what you are doing effectively and even produce greater result, if only they had the same opportunity as you.
Learn Skills Learn the skills relevant to the work you are doing.
This might require you to take on a part-time course, attend training sessions, go for seminars, so that you can become more informed and equipped with the skills you need to make a difference.
One advantage about this is that, you become good in time management.
You are able to work on a task without wasting time on it.
You are capable of managing yourself, value time, and handle it to achieve your desired result.
Experience and expertise is a result of the skills acquired and practically applied to increase productivity.
If you remain the way you are, over time you will lose relevance and be relegated.
Change occurs every moment.
What is generally accepted and obtainable today, might be obsolete tomorrow.
This is what change brings.
It helps you to refine, package and adjust yourself with the present moment.
Get Results People who are new on a job and suddenly climb high the hierarchy to the top within a short period of time are those who produce results.
• The manner with which you do things.
• Your approach and style.
• Your commitment.
• The Result.
These factors distinguish your work from that of others.
At the end, what is important is the result, outcome, and output.
All resources, machinery, man power implore on a task or project is geared towards an expected result.
When you develop yourself by being equipped with the right skills, you increase your productivity rate and position yourself for leadership.
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