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Possible Benefits of Watching Real-Life Violent Videos

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Of course, it is a consideration that "shock" videos, or videos that contain real-life violence that happened in the past or happening in the present, may likely play a role in not only increasing a person's awareness of their surroundings, but also likely sparking curiosity in that person to learn more about the particular event, the particular events surrounding that occurrence, and gaining a broader sense of what goes on in the world in general.
But there is another thing viewing videos such as these can do too.
They can play a role in overall desensitizing the person watching them.
Consider, a person who arrived to his home from a war for instance would be more likely to not complain about certain typical things that certain people might complain about, like typical everyday things.
This person may very well find it easier to do certain things that certain people consider are difficult, due to that persons drastic experience from the war.
Such a similar kind of effect can happen to someone who watches videos which involve real-life violence.
After having seen something graphic, and gory occur, that person may be less likely to complain about doing certain everyday things.
Actually, simple everyday things can seem more like a breeze to him, ironically because he saw something horrific.
It does seem strange to consider that watching something violent, or watching something brutal, can have a positive effect on an individual.
It may even make the person more appreciative of their life-stage after having witnessed the horror that another person experienced.
So watching one of these kinds of videos could play a role in a person having more gratitude.
Therefore, more appreciation, higher overall awareness and possible increased willingness to handle particular tasks are possible benefits one may gain from watching real-life violent videos.
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