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Visibility Creates Opportunity

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Both of them were friends and enjoyed investing and making money, so after a few years into their careers, my friends took courses to further their financial education together.
Mr Ng for his personal interest.
Mr Ho as part of his job requirement.
As engineers in Singapore, both of them did not socialize and network well, had only a small group of close friends, Mr Ng however started his blog and got into investment on his own on the side.
Two years later, Mr Ng actually wrote a book and used his profits from investing to publish it.
The book was sold at several bookstores and even the library carried it.
Mr Ho worked for the company but did not really apply his knowledge for his personal investments.
Within the next few months, Mr Ng got an offer from Mr Ho's company and even without any financial experience from his previous job, Mr Ng became the boss of Mr Ho's manager.
Mr Ho still kept his knowledge to himself and never discussed his work and vast knowledge and experience, hiding his talent.
Mr Ng is now a few levels up the bureaucracy as the vice president of Mr Ho's department as he showed his knowledge, networked and was very visible with his book.
2 people having the same qualification, relatively the same knowledge, but the end result is much different when you network to show your talents.
Getting know really does open doors and create great opportunities.
Do not hide your talent and skills.
Visibility does create opportunities!
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