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Manifesting Your Dreams With Reiki

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What is Reiki? Reiki is the universal life force all around us and responsible for our very life.
The name is of Japanese origin 'rei' meaning universal 'ki' life force.
Various traditions had recognized this force in antiquity.
The Japanese call it ki, the Chinese chi, the Indians prana, in actual fact all traditions have a name for this force whether apparent or not.
Reiki flows through us all the time whether initiated or not for it the very source of our life and consciousness.
Realizing the power of Reiki lies in understanding this very fact for many of us just limit Reiki to a narrow field of action all because we haven't expanded our consciousness to explore the limitless possibilities of this energy.
Reiki spans through the various manifestations of the life force in us for it is the life force itself.
Ranging from the manifestations of elementary intelligence to the complex intelligence that is man, is the actuating power of Reiki.
This being evident, it now lies for us to experiment and discover the endless power of Reiki.
Consciousness has its thresholds and only when these thresholds are reached that we experience whatever impulses or stimuli that has reached the particular threshold.
For example, in man there are certain frequencies of sound that we cannot hear all because they have not reached the threshold of our consciousness and so have no effect on us.
These thresholds are numerous and for different stimuli ranging from sight and sounds up to extrasensory perceptions.
Reiki happens to operate within and beyond all these thresholds and as such affects every plane of our consciousness.
The various symbols in Reiki all serve to activate a certain range of vibratory frequencies.
For instance, the power symbol actually increases the Reiki in any given place or condition while the mental/emotional symbol activates the range of vibrations that stimulate the mental/emotional aspect of us.
In this way, Reiki covers our whole sphere of being and can be employed for whatsoever problem or task we desire.
Intention Is the Key All that is important in Reiki is the intention.
When one is initiated into Reiki he/she is being given a special privilege of directing this universal energy to his/her own aims.
Before then the energy has always been directed subconsciously and even after the initiation it is still directed subconsciously only being directed consciously whenever the individual desires to do so.
Our heart beats, blood flows, we breathe automatically and much more all through the direction of our subconscious.
All these are done with the energy of Reiki.
The human being is really running on energy but of a far far far higher frequency and power than that of machines.
It is only now that man has discovered that there is a vaster and limitless energy all around us and can be employed at will.
Intention is the application of our will in Reiki.
As this energy is part of us all we do is to direct it with a clear cut intention and it flows just as we have directed it.
This is the secret to accomplishing much through Reiki.
You must have a clear cut objective; see it clearly in your mind and direct Reiki towards it.
It's as simple as that, almost like having your own genie! Even the Reiki symbols can be programmed to achieve a specific function whenever they are activated.
It all lies in being creative and trusting in the power of this universal energy.
Creative uses of Reiki With Reiki the possibilities are numerous.
But there are basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order to achieve success.
These are:
  1. Our motives must not be wholly selfish.
    You should, at least, in seeking for something always have some other person(s) in mind.
    Reiki works better when one is motivated by higher emotions like love, compassion, kindness and so on.
    So, if you want to work miracles, then let love be the source of all your actions.
    It as simple as that.
  2. Have a clear cut vision about what you want.
    Build it up within your mind, will it to manifest and take action.
  3. We must not doubt the process.
    Doubt happens to be one of the worst enemies of progress in any field of specialty.
    Doubt actually blinds us to our capabilities.
    I don't really understand why one should doubt unnecessarily.
    If you haven't done a thing before then how do you know it will or won't work? Keep an open mind.
    If you happen to entertain doubt about the process then it is better you forget it.
  4. Let go.
    When you have done your own part, its time to let your silent partner take over...
    release it to the universe.
    It is done.
  5. Also, you have to understand that this is no short cut but an application of natural laws, as such, it doesn't eliminate the requirement of physical endeavour.
    You have to also work physically as you are working spiritually.
Whenever you want to engage in any energy work with Reiki, the above guidelines will prove to be an indispensable companion.
Try it, it works...
Reiki can be used for various other purposes apart from healing.
Reiki is very powerful when it comes to manifestation, also, it can be used for protection, for cleansing, for contact with spirits, for virtually anything! All that is needed is just your decision to do it! Let's view a particular scenario now: For instance, lets say at the moment you need to add more streams of income to your life and it seems so hard to accomplish, you might go about it like this: 1.
First of all you must sit down and review your present situation.
Is money your main problem? Are you ready to do all it takes to achieve it? If so, do you even now what you have to do? Spend sometime alone and contemplate these questions.
They are the basic steps you have to take first of all.
Also ask yourself why you need this money.
Is it just to acquire worldly goods in an attempt to satisfy your ego? Is it to support extravagant and non-productive lifestyles? You have to build a foundation based on wants that you are sure within your heart will be of benefit to others also, not just yourself.
This desire of yours MUST also serve others in serving you.
Now spend sometime and try to see within your mind's eye the outcome you would want at the end.
Forget about the process involved in achieving this end and focus on the specific outcome.
Spend sometime in building the necessary picture within your mind.
It must be a picture that moves you, fills you with enthusiasm.
If you are lukewarm about it, then maybe you never really wanted it.
This is necessary for this will provide the motivating power to continue despite the temptation to be lazy about it.
Activate the various Reiki symbols and create your intent to specifically handle the problem in whatever way you choose.
If you expected to solve the problem by getting a job, then your intent must focus on that and so on.
Channel Reiki to the intent you have concerning the problem, see it attracting to you the solution to the problem, feel it clearing all obstacles and materializing your desires.
When you feel you have filled it with enough creative energy, release it at once with the full confidence that it will manifest.
Having done that, DO NOT DWELL ON IT ANY LONGER! 6.
Now you definitely have to do something physically to achieve what you want.
Energy built up through this process requires an avenue for release otherwise it will definitely manifest but not in the way you may like.
If you have followed the above process well, the chances are you'll find circumstances changing to suit you, people might actually come up to you to offer you jobs, anything might happen! Just keep an open mind and you'll be surprised at what may come.
I have used this technique countless times and have found it to be exceptionally effective.
Troubleshooting There may times where it seems as if whatever you do it doesn't just seem to resolve the matter, what then do you do? I believe it's all a matter of who we are intrinsically.
What I mean is that if you are a highly motivated person used to achieving despite all odds, then you may probably feel frustrated and conclude that Reiki doesn't work.
But, if on the other hand you are philosophically inclined and inclined to contemplate and accept things just the way they are, then you might probably understand that even though the effects you want are not made manifest but nevertheless the process has not been useless.
This is important for it reveals certain hidden workings of the universe to us.
There are things we as human beings want but might not be able to achieve because of: 1.
Karmic conditions 2.
Our present stage of development.
By this I mean that certain conditions might not be fulfilled for us due to our present karmic state and it lies for us to discover why.
This all boils down to looking within ourselves for the solutions to whatever problem we have.
This is where meditation and contemplation comes in.
if we diligently seek out the sore spots in our lives, we will stand a better chance of being able to command more of these hidden forces to our own well-being and that of others.
The man or woman on the road to greatness constantly looks within for guidance and at times where it might seem to be over, it is then that the still small voice within guides us across the pitfalls of life.
We should endeavor to listen more and more to our inner dialogues.
The abundance of life is all there for us to tap, it remains for us to understand the laws involved in opening these gates of abundance!
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