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Change Your Life, Change Your Brain

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Your brain is the biggest tool that you can use in your life, but if it is working against you, then it would prove to be a worthy adversary.
Therefore to get any success at all you need to learn how to train your brain to work for you and not against you.
The first technique I will explain is the rubber band technique.
In this technique you pop yourself with a rubber band that is on your wrist every time you have a negative thought or emotion.
Your brain learns not to got to that area because that will cause pain for itself.
Therefore your mind will block out certain thoughts on its own.
This tool can be used to create a mindful environment for a self-esteem filled life.
It also can be used as a motivator.
For instance a person who wants to lose weight can pop them self whenever cravings overcome them or whenever negative beliefs about exercise feels their minds.
To add more leverage to this technique all one has to do is catch the thought sooner.
The next technique is belief causation questioning.
For instance when a person is feeling blue for no particular reason, they should figure out where the feelings are coming from instead of identifying themselves with it.
Someone who is always in a somber mood shouldn't say things such as, "that is just who I am.
" This is allows the negative emotion to stay there on a regular bases, and eventually leads to un-detection.
Recognization is the most important step in making a change in ones life.
A person should believe that they are completely positive and happy, anything outside of that realm is being caused, and not who they are.
The second step is finding out what is causing the negative emotion.
A lot of times negative emotions and doubt are created by situations that are small and unnoticeable.
It is up to the changer to figure out what changes their mood, from good to just okay.
The procedural way to find out what is bothering you, is to ask yourself questions.
When did my mood change? What is different now, from when I was feeling great and now that I'm just feeling okay? Once you have figured out what has changed, then it is time to to figure out what belief you adapted due to this environmental/imaginary change.
Then find the lie.
Often to any negative belief or emotion, there is a life changing lie.
Here is an example, Kevin is walking to the store an upon arrival a person drives by him with really loud thumping music, this makes him feel small and belittled.
He walks through the shopping center feeling as if he doesn't want to talk.
All because of a really loud noise.
This is actually typical, clubs play music extremely loud not because people want the music that loud, loud noises are threatening.
People who feel threatened, tend to feel more vulnerable, and small.
In order to shake this feeling, people tend to buy more drinks, to loosen up.
In fact it is unusual for someone to go to a dance club sober, usually they are already drinking before they get there in order to already walk in feeling loose.
Loud music or noise is only one example of the millions of things that can shake a person out of a positive emotional mindset.
Learn what shakes you and then you will change your and change your brain.
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