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Expectation and Its Existence Within Your Life

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Expectation will always exist.
It is our belief and faith in its existence that offers change and opportunity in our lives.
In life, expectation is a great opportunity to show yourself that you are better than the challenges that life can throw in your path.
In realizing and accepting that no two paths are exactly the same, nor should our expectations be the same throughout the events of our lives.
In our lives we will not only encounter opportunities of received expectation, but we will also encounter opportunities of delivered expectation.
There are many types of expectations that exist within our lives.
There exists: * contributed expectations * controlled and uncontrolled expectations * expectations created out of fear and desperation * the expectations of others and or ourselves * expectations that past successes represent future results * expectations introduced by the challenges of life * * expectations that we accept due to a lack of knowledge and or wisdom * expectations induced with faith and or belief * and expectations that we accept because no one has ever shown or told us that it could be different The results of our expectations are not always promised to be what we want or need within our lives.
By no means would I ever promise you, that through expecting anything to happen in life, you are always guaranteed the results of your choice.
I believe that this lack of guarantee or promise of suspense is what makes an expectation so special.
It is through expectation that we often find the strength and will needed to try again.
Even in the lack of success within our expectations we find a possession of hope, faith and opportunity.
Have you ever wanted to try a new activity and though you knew that the activity would be difficult and challenging, you believed that you possessed the talent needed to overcome any of its obstacles or objections.
Well in your belief and actions you encouraged expectations.
In those expectations you encouraged opportunities.
In the opportunities you encouraged actions.
In the actions you produced results.
In many situations these results were exactly what you had expected, but sometimes the results fell short of your expectations.
Though you may have felt a little discouraged, the world did not end, but the lessons were valuable.
In these lessons we find the courage needed to develop new expectations that will continue to feed into the development of our lives.
Therefore we should feed ourselves expectation in daily doses to assure that we are always engaging growth within our lives.
What are your thoughts about expectations existence within your life? I'd like to know...
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