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Insights on Abundance - Why Surrender is One of the Best Paths to Abundance

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What do you think when you first hear the word "surrender"? Does it seem counter-intuitive that surrender can create Abundance? After all, isn't surrender a bad thing? That all depends on your perspective.
Surrender definitely gets a really bad rep in our society.
It is most commonly associated with losing a battle or something you were trying hard to get.
You probably imagine holding up some tarred and tattered white flag signaling you give up.
Not the most enjoyable image, eh? What if surrender means something completely different than you thought? Inspired by this concept, I once researched the root of the word "surrender" and discovered something very intriguing.
Sur means "above or beyond".
Render means "to alter" & comes from "to give".
It's easy to see how the phrase "give up" comes from this origination.
However, when you take a closer look, there's another story going on with this word: the alteration (of something), above and beyond what it currently is.
When's the last time you had a good sobbing cry? Did you feel worse of better after? Didn't you feel as though a huge weight was lifted from your heart and shoulders; a major burden removed, at least temporarily? What about the last time you really tried to make something happen in the exact way you thought it should happen? Did you struggle and strain while making that concerted effort, only to get lack-luster results, disappointment or, worse yet, a feeling of utter failure? What happened when you finally relaxed and "let go" of the details of how this thing should happen.
Did you feel relief? Did it unfold more easily and readily? Didn't you feel better that you didn't have to control everything about the situation and still got what you wanted? I don't know about you, but that has been my experience.
Every time I surrendered.
See, when you give up control of the how's, who's, what's where's and when's -- or what I call the "Dreaded 5 W's" -- and begin feeling the relief that comes from that surrender, you immediately come into alignment -- or flow -- with the natural unfolding of what you have already put in motion.
You allow the Universe to manage the details for you, while you focus on the desired outcome.
You are altered, above and beyond, where you were before letting go.
Another way to look at this is that you didn't give up in failure, but rather gave up the struggle, or gave the challenge "up" to the Universe.
Abundance cannot be forced or coerced into happening.
Yes, you can take a lot of action toward creating your Abundance.
And yes, when you set your mind on something you want, it does set the manifestation of that desire immediately into motion.
But what slows you down is trying to force the unfolding of it to happen in a certain way or timing.
Instead, you must allow (i.
surrender to) the Universe to coordinate the perfect unfolding of what you want.
It all starts with one thing: paying attention to how you feel.
How else will you know whether you're pushing to controlling the details or letting it unfold?
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