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Hypnosis and Seduction - Save Your Money, You"ll Get Further With Flowers and Chocolates

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Everyone likes an easy solution, and for many the thought of using Hypnosis to seduce the opposite sex is appealing as it requires little or no effort on their part, and the rewards are great.
Just by whispering a few words you can have your way with whomever you want.
People are easy to manipulate .
Covert hypnosis techniques work.
So says the copy on the box, however if that were true, if people could really be manipulated that easily, then hypnotists would rule the world, and everyone would be under their power!!! Unfortunately, it's not true, hypnotists don't rule the world, some are quite wealthy, but the majority are not - just like everyone else.
The sale of 'Hypnosis for Seduction' is a major industry and many of those in it get rich through selling their flavour of 'snake oil' to the gullible, with the only worthwhile hypnosis being in the sales ad.
Over the years I have seen a great many people (ok, a great many men) who have taken a seduction course, who then try to attract women.
I have to admit that the techniques they use are very good, with some of the conversational stuff being really well done.
I have been impressed time and again by the approaches used, and time and again I am amused by the look of confusion on their faces when the woman they are talking to just decides to leave...
without them.
Let's be clear here, I'm not saying that those approaches won't work, because they do.
Having used the techniques in therapy for close to 20 years, I know that this approach can be very powerful for getting people to change...
once they have decided to change.
What appears to be missing from all of these courses is the one plain truth about hypnosis.
You cannot control someone who doesn't want to be controlled, if they don't like you, or find you unsettling, no amount of 'Hypno-babble' will make you any more attractive, or keep them around for any longer than they want.
I know what all of the covert hypnosis specialists will tell you about how you can manipulate anyone, which is true, up to a point, but the instant you step over the line, no matter how good your patter is, your 'target' will be off like a shot.
So, why do all of these courses claim to be so successful? They must be doing something right, otherwise they wouldn't be in business, and it is a big business.
The one, overriding attribute that the participants of these programs gain is confidence.
The confidence to go up to women and talk to them, OK what they say may be full of hidden 'hypnotic' patter, but they have the confidence to approach women in the first place.
Their technique may be pure baloney, but the fact that they go out there and actually talk to women puts them way ahead in the seduction stakes.
Seduction (if that is your aim) is a numbers game.
The more women you approach, the more likely you are to succeed, the hypnosis is not only secondary, it is inconsequential.
If you feel that a course is going to give you the tools to go out and approach women, then that's great, but pick one that is based upon real relationship advice about what women appreciate, than some hokum about 'black-ops hypnosis'.
If you lack confidence around women, then deal with that.
If you think hypnosis is a solution that you want to pursue, then look in the yellow pages and find yourself a good Clinical Hypnotist who can help you out.
Alternatively invest in some personal confidence training, as women do prefer the confident type.
Rather than spend good money trying to find a 'magic power' for seducing women take the money and spend it on some tried and tested methods that have worked for hundreds of years...
flowers and chocolates, the women will love you for it.
Failing that there's always shoes...
that's a winner every time!
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