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You Gorgeous Hunk O' Woman!

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I have a good number of female friends and coaching clients. At some point in our friendship/professional relationship I refer to nearly all of them as something similar to the title of this article.

There are two main reasons for my use of that statement...

1. I mean it everytime I say it. I find the beauty in each person I hang out with. There's always something. A smile, long flowing hair, a lilt in the voice. In everyone who crosses my universe there's something that's adorable. Even if it's not their defining characteristic, it's there. I've done this with women age 14 to 70, and sometimes with my fellow males.

2. When I point out the gorgeousness of the person I'm hanging out with it tends to elicit more of the same. I try to be careful in the way I put it out there...always respectful and playful. Usually flirty. If someone's not open to my brand of coaching and/or friendship I probably wouldn't attract them into my life.

If they are in alignment with me they appreciate the positive attention. It's absolutely amazing how people (not just talking women here) need to hear good things said about them. Most of us crave it, though we've been socialized not to own up to that fact.

I've seen people absolutely conflicted in their lives...twisted up like a pretzel. They're scared, lonely, sometimes desperate and working on what they think is a challenge of their intellect.

Then they get reintroduced to their own beauty...in a loving and playful way. And a flood of emotions come forth. Profound stuff happens. Pain they've been hanging onto forever comes to the surface, then gets washed away.

Energy that's been tied up in self doubt and regret is now free to go exploring. And those seemingly impossible life problems get solved in the most amazing of ways.

Know anyone who can use some loving kindness on your part? Try giving some away.

See what happens. Most likely both of you will start feeling your inner and outer beauty...

and your POWER.
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