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Happy Birthday To You - The Song Of Life

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Birthdays are a celebration of yet another year of life and should be celebrated in style. The catastrophes that are happening around the World remind us of how fragile life can be and that not a single day should be taken for granted. Each Birthday can be viewed as a chapter in our book of life, marking the milestones that we have achieved and the aspirations of our future.

Too often Birthdays can quickly pass us by without taking too much notice that our Book of Life is being written without any input or conscious plan of direction from ourselves. Many of us find ourselves on a train ride that meanders around on the same railway line, continually stopping at the same stations in a never ending circle. If you find yourself as a passenger on this train, then it is time to disembark.

Each Birthday should be used as a wake-up call for us to reflect on the past year of our life to see if we have changed the direction and timetable of our train. Have we visited new stations or new challenges? Have we attracted new love or friends into our life? Are we satisfied with our career and family life? Do we wake up each morning with an anticipation of a great new day? Are we using the gifts and talents that we were born with? Are we following our inner dreams? Are we looking after our health?

To celebrate a Birthday is to celebrate life and should be used to plan our next exciting chapter of life. Visualize what you want to achieve in the next year of your life and write down your plan to achieve your desires. It may be something as simple as wanting to learn how to dance, but from making that decision to book into classes, a whole new World is created around you. New friends, better health, more social activity, added confidence and the knowledge that you have booked your train ride to a different station. To make a conscious choice to do something different, changes your life from being on auto pilot to becoming the author of your own Book of Life.

The greatest Birthday gift that you can give to loved ones, friends and relatives is to be interested in their personal inner dreams and encourage them to pursue their life ambitions to the fullest. To give of oneself to help others re-create their lives is a true gift of life.

The next time you sing 'Happy Birthday' to a loved one or friend, reflect on the wonderful opportunities that life presents to us and the importance of personal growth as each year passes us by.
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