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Why Doubt "The Secret"?

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My goodness the movie & book The Secret has caused such a buzz around the globe that everywhere you turn someone is talking about it! So what is it all about? Simple answer is The Law of Attraction; not something new at all and not even close to being a secret, so why such a storm both good and bad? Consider the everyday lives of most of us, we are running around busy, busy, busy and stressed out working our butts off at work or raising a family all trying to find love, happiness and the good things in life but we are so busy that we lose sight of how to achieve what we really want and more importantly fail to notice the wonderful things we already have.
Along comes the launch of The Secret, telling us that we can be, do and have anything we want and all we have to do is think, focus and be grateful for them and presto they will appear.
Suddenly all around the world people are excited and pumped with the prospect that finally they can have what they always dreamed of without all the hard work ,stress and worry they've had previously.
So why such bad press recently? Why are people starting to doubt? The most common question being asked is; can this be true? or have the writers, producers and other people involved in the movie and book pulled one of the best marketing scams of all time and made millions doing it? One reason could possibly be the delivery of the message.
It was 'hollywoodised' causing people to question the motives behind the making of the movie and the book.
So what! People are making money from it, that doesn't mean the message is false.
With the technology of today why shouldn't we use the power of the media in all it's shapes and forms to send a positive message to the world.
Do we question the amount of money and wealth The Pope has?Do we doubt his message? So why are people so ready to criticize the makers of The Secret and the likes of Oprah for promoting it? If the movie, book or products are encouraging people to feel loving, grateful and positive, how on earth can it be a bad thing? I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of being bombarded day after day with talk of terrorism, the war in Iraq, death, violence, destruction and every conceivable negative image known to man, that I am so relieved to see the world grab hold of something positive and uplifting.
We need more of it and if The Secret has changed the thinking of thousands of people, well I say lets run with it and who knows we may have a brighter future to look forward to.
The best proof or evidence about anything in life is to experience it for yourself, so my advice would be don't buy into the hype good or bad.
Seek out the truth and find a good mentor who is living 'The Secret'.
There is a whole universe out there but there's also a whole universe within.
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