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Temptations Anyone?

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When temptation comes in, do we give in right away? Do we think about it for a while and yet still give in to it? Or are we brave and strong enough to hold back and say no to temptations? Temptations are everywhere and it can take down any of us because we are humans.
They are callings and acts against our belief and moral standing.
We are half decided because we know that a certain thing or act is not morally right.
A part of us holds us back because of that belief and yet a part of us says it is okay.
You must have heard this story when you were still young that whenever a temptation is in progress, the devil whispers evil acts on the left ear, while your guardian angel whispers goodness on the right ear.
If you succumb to temptation, your guardian angel will be filled with sadness and the devil will rejoice because he wins.
The story seems to be right because there are two things that people weigh before being tempted - the good and evil or the right and wrong.
Every day we are faced with temptations that vary in degree and you must have also noticed that you are tempted on certain days of the week and certain time of day.
Some are simple; some are complex which needs a lot of thinking and a lot of solicited advice.
Some temptations may not be temptations anymore because you give in right away.
There was no weighing and no thinking involved.
A person considers it as an acceptable act but others considered it a temptation that needs to be avoided.
There are so many times you are put into temptations to do things you think you should not be doing or certain place you should not be going.
If you are tempted to do something against your will, your conscience will tear you apart especially if you see your actions and decisions will affect a lot of people.
So, if you know that you will be tempted, stay away.
It's that simple.
Many times those temptations just keep on coming back but you still give in even if you have thought about it and considered it wrong.
For example, if you feel that you will be tempted when you are with strangers, then by all means avoid them.
Shouldn't you have learned your lessons? You may not be able to avoid them completely but you will be ready for the situation if you are always on guard.
The best way to deal with temptation is to know what your emotional triggers are and what makes you vulnerable.
There are good and bad ways to deal with emotions so be strong in what you believe to be right.
Have faith that after you free yourself from temptations, you will experience peace and joy.
These are just tests of the strength of your character to battle against evil.
You need strength and guidance to win this battle so stay focused and be brave enough to say no.
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