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Using Affirmations Effectively

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There are many powerful self-help techniques that are both easy and effective.
Affirmations are positive statements that anyone can use to reframe negative, thinking processes.
The trick here is not to change negative thoughts but to drown them out with positive statements.
While affirmations may be easy and effective they are not always used correctly and many people abandon them after only trying to use them for a short period of time.
Here are two tips for getting more from your affirmations - Use Powerful Emotions Affirmations should coincide with powerful emotions like joy, excitement or anticipation.
Many people will recite affirmations while gritting their teeth, setting themselves apart from their goal of feeling better.
When you recite your daily affirmations, make sure that you feel the end result as you say it.
Are you affirming success? Feel the feeling that you will get when you achieve success.
Are you affirming a strong, healthy relationship? Envision that person who you haven't met yet.
What will your heart feel when you meet them for the first time? Pairing affirmations with strong, positive emotions will make the process of affirming more powerful for you.
Set Small Goals Small goals are the most powerful goals to have because they are attainable.
Don't create affirmations that set you further apart from your goal by focusing on heavy, lofty goals.
An affirmation of "I feel better" is more powerful than the affirmation, "I am in perfect health.
" Striving for perfection will always make you feel like you are failing because perfection is unattainable.
Below is a short list of positive affirmations - I am healthy, happy and strong I feel better I have a powerful, creative ability I take pride in my work I am patient and take my time Visit Best Self Help Books
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