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Building a Coaching Business With Social Media - Does It Work? (And The EASY Way I Prefer!)

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Are you trying to build your online coaching business with social media? Think that Facebook, or Twitter or the social sites are the key to getting new clients and coaching customers? And how is TOO much when it comes to promoting yourself through social media, anyway? Is there a point where you start to ANNOY people rather than attract them? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the BEST way to build your online coaching business, as well as evaluate some of the reasons MANY of the social media strategies DON'T work as well as advertised in most cases.
Care to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below..
:-) Here is EXACTLY what I've experienced in promoting my own coaching business using social media.
1 - While Facebook is a great way of bonding, sharing and building rapport, it has a far lower ROI in terms of actual dollars earned for my business, than just about any other online marketing method I've tried to date.
(my clients report similar results as well...
including some who do VERY, very well using traditional direct response marketing methods) 2 - Advertising on Facebook using their ad platform is a great way to get "some" business...
especially if you are giving away something of value in exchange for a name, but depending on the niche, it can actually get FAR more difficult to generate new leads, fairly quickly...
simply because of the way the ads are targeted.
- you can get ALL of your qualified prospects very quickly in the first few weeks, only to find out that there isn't an evergreen audience to draw from, once that initial interest is captured) 3 - To be totally honest with you, MOST marketers end up annoying people when they try to business build using social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, and in just about every survey I've done of my own coaching clients, even WE have a low threshold of tolerance for folks selling stuff in the places we hang out to talk to our friends..
:-) What works BETTER than social media for building real rapport, real relationships and has a far stronger ROI to boot? Creating content, pure and simple.
Using articles, blog posts, press releases and simply the power of the pen (and pixel) to build your brand and your business is the easiest, most "evergreen" and long term traffic "white hat" traffic strategy that there is.
The same principles apply - you want to create content that is "community" and direct response oriented, but I have found there is NO substitute for establishing an air of authority and expertise in a niche than sharing what you know in 400-500 word articles that "live" in the search engines for weeks, months or even years after you've written them.
Remember, people may find a 140 character "Tweet" interesting and click on your link, and check out your site, service or offer.
They may read a 100 word blurb on your Facebook wall and visit your website as well.
But if you are serious about coaching, and your content, you'll find that the people who click on your resource box after actively being engaged with your ideas, and your ethos and visit those very same sites...
are amongst the very BEST, and most qualified, and most likely visitors there are to actually spend time, and energy and INCOME on what it is that you have to offer...
bar none!
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