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Covert Hypnosis - Powerful Secrets Part 1

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Hypnosis has many different meanings to many different people.
From stage hypnotism to serious clinical hypnotherapy, it is used in many different environments.
It is something you can learn.
But what about covert hypnosis? What if you could plant suggestions in people's minds without them even realising they had been hypnotised.
Covertly hypnotising someone in seconds without them knowing! Surely this is the stuff of movies...
isn't it? Let's start with the facts.
Hypnotism works.
Even people who think they cannot be hypnotised can be made to fall into a trance like state.
Covert hypnosis contains tactics and techniques that will enable you to instantly push someone into that trance; making them unbelievably suggestible to commands and directions.
Just think what you could do; a better love life, more sales at work, being able to influence people to your way of thinking.
All this can be done by learning the secret covert hypnosis methods including NLP (not your usual NLP), social engineering, killer rapport and seduction mind control.
Let me ask you a question.
Have you ever been driving on a long journey, you reach your destination, but if you try and recall the specifics of your route, there are certain parts which are hazy, or perhaps even non-existent? This is particularly true of journeys we take on a regular basis.
We go into 'autopilot' which is a form of trance.
Just learn the system to get someone into that trance like state - without having to take them on a car journey, obviously! - and you'll get them to a point where they are amazingly open to suggestion.
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