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The Hidden Power Of Thoughts.

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In the middle 90s being in an amusement park with my children I saw something like a space capsule, I asked what was that and they told me that was a 3D movie.
Of course I bought my ticket and I got into.
The seats were comfortable, with seat belts, the screen was almost - rounded and concave like a half moon around the people.
As soon as the lights go out I found myself into a car that was starting to road and a couple of blocks forward and suddenly, we start to go hill down.
We realize that the breaks were broken.
Meanwhile the car was speed up.
After a while I saw the street was going over but we couldn't stop the car so we go straight forward, we go up to the side walk and we continue going down over the stairs.
The experience was incredible because the seats were moving according to the action, like in a real situation, I felt vertigo while going hill down, I felt panic when we almost crashed a woman with her baby.
Anyway the 3D images shot in my mind plus the sound effects and the movement of my seat were giving me a sensation of reality.
Amazing! In the risk parts of the film I was repeating all the time "this is not real", "this is not real", however I couldn't avoid to hold from the seat as strong as I could while feeling in danger or I couldn't avoid to bend down my head when something was going to hit me.
That was one of the most amazing experiences I lived that year.
Days after I was continue asking myself how could I feel such emotions and physical reactions given the fact that just was a film, it was only fiction.
Since that I could understand how our lives could be impacted by the stimulation of our minds.
Now I perceive the hidden power of thoughts.
And, if you already saw 3D films or even better if you already had the opportunity to try the virtual reality technology, you would agree with the powerful effect of mind stimulation.
After all, that audio - visual and the seat movements stimulations that I experienced had an effect on my mind, and that was that made me feel a sensation of reality.
In short, I found that my reactions are conditioned to the ideas or thoughts occupying my mind at some moment.
So, depending on what kind of thoughts are occupying your mind at any moment you're going to feel vertigo, scare, euphoria, sadness, happiness, power, etc.
, and you'd react accordingly.
oOnly one thought can shoot chain reactions in the chemistry of your body, oone thought can turn off your state of mind, oone thought can change your self confidence, oone thought can help you to solve a problem, oone thought can get you in troubles...
Maybe you are wondering: How would you like your thoughts work for you? for or against you.
How could you do your thoughts work in your own benefit? Are thoughts enough to make significant changes in your life? Are thoughts enough to overcome frustrations? What other elements are necessary? Is a, so called, mantra enough to produce chain reactions towards overcoming frustrations? Let me anticipate to you that a proper manipulation of thoughts is not enough to produce real changes in your life.
There are two other primal elements and a strict order of 3 steps you will have to follow in order to obtain real results in your life.
I recommend to you to read my e-book to find out these 3 secret steps.
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