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Get What You Want by Allowing Source

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Allow Source Now we are clear on what we want.
We are using our feelings as a compass to point us in the direction of positive creation.
Now it's Source's turn.
Now we must stand clear and let the dynamic power of the non-physical to create our desires and be ready to receive.
Sounds simple doesn't it? But most of us are grounded in the world of the physical, where things are done by doing, and it can be very difficult to avoid just giving source a little earthly help along.
This can be detrimental to the receipt of our desires.
Instead of doing, we need to build our vibration until we are in alignment with the non-physical at which point we will feel the inspiration to act.
Intuition has a key role to play in this.
It is at this point where inspired creation will occur.
We are at the stage of Law.
Our beliefs, which thoughts repeated so often that they become our reality, are now shaping ou lives.
I am trim, fit and healthy I am abundant.
I am out going confident.
I am prosperous.
I am a great person.
I am living in a beautiful new house.
I have a bank account with unlimited balance.
I am having an awesome year! We are leveraging the awesome power of source to create our desires and this requires faith and certainty.
Faith and certainty that you will receive, will allow you to put your hands behind our back, so to speak, to allow the divine to work for you.
You are delegating these desires to the non-physical to create for you.
There is no half way house here.
You can't go and buy a lottery ticket in case source doesn't come through for you! You can't have a backup a plan.
This all or nothing territory! You're handing it over to the divine 100% or you going to be disappointed.
It's your choice! There can't be any little twinges of doubt.
You are GOING to receive.
The who, why when or how is up to source.
I find it useful to stop and check my feelings.
Look at them.
Examine them.
Am I truly free of resistance.
? What are those twinges around the edges? What I often find is that even though overall tone of what I am feeling is good, there are often twinges of resistance.
Stop at look at them.
Am I truly open to receiving money or there is a tiny morsel of doubt? I find I can gently release these twinges.
You don't need a sledge hammer.
Just gently release them.
Use the Sedona Method if required.
It is important to also be aware that trying is resistance.
This demonstrates lack of faith in source.
If we are "trying" we have slipped back into our earthly action first mode And the problem with wanting to deliberately manifest using the LOA is that is very easy to slip into trying mode.
"I'm going to make LOA work or else!" This is a resistant thought.
We must allow our desires.
Often you hear of athletes being in the zone, where they talk about being in the zone where things seem to slow down and they feel at one with what they are doing.
This is where we need to be when we are receiving our desires.
We need to be free of fear and in the moment of now.
That is where receive, like the athlete in the moment of now when they perform at their peak.
The moment of creation.
Our job is to remain open to all the possibilities that may enter our lives and gratefully receive them on arrival.
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