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What, Why, When and How

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It's really cool to think that you can actually manifest your own reality! The idea that changing your dominant though patterns can actually help you begin to create a new life is a pretty awesome and exciting.
And it's true! It's also really hard.
No, I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but the truth is, manifesting a life of abundance takes more than just a few good thoughts and some catchy affirmations.
It requires great focus, commitment, faith and above all else, a meaningful understanding of how the whole process actually works, and specifically where YOU fit into it.
You have to understand what you can and can't control and what you do and don't need to be concerned with.
As the former WWF People's Champion, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson used to put it, "Know your role".
So, basically here is what it boils down to when it comes to manifesting your best life and turning your boldest dreams into reality: You control the "what" and the "why"..
the "how" and the "when" are up to the universe.
The two things that you have absolute dominion over are what it is you are trying to accomplish and why it is that you want to accomplish it.
Unfortunately, the "what" and the "why" are very often neglected.
It seems a bit more natural to pursue the "how" and then try to force the "when", right? And so this is exactly what most of us will do.
We get a pretty good idea of what we want and then we set out doing the things we've always done and just hope that we catch a break.
And far too often, we associate total failure with our inability to produce a desired result in a very short period of time.
We're out of our element! Let me clue you in on something that may not sound too motivational, but you probably need to hear it anyway...
you're not going to become a millionaire next week.
Read The Secret all you want to, and sit by your mailbox waiting for the checks.
They aren't coming.
The get-rich-quick fantasy and the "I want it all and I want it now" lotto mentality of the culture we live in has caused a lot of folks to believe that they should be able to conjure up some magic and take their lives to an entirely different level immediately.
Without effort.
And all this in spite of the fact that took them years and years of thought patterns, beliefs, good choices and bad decisions to get to where they currently are.
As a result of this type of thinking (or wishing, as it were), a whole lot of people end up extremely frustrated when they set out to create their new, wonderful and prosperous life.
And if you think about it, how could they not be frustrated? The results simply aren't there.
They are forcing the issue.
And that's not a good game plan.
Whenever we allow ourselves to get completely wrapped up in the "how" and the "when", we totally forget that the first step, and the one that they have complete control over, is to be very clear about what it is we desire.
The "what" is our kingdom! Now...
the key to the "what" is that it has to be specific and it has to be clear.
To borrow a concept from Napoleon Hill, instead of just saying or thinking, "I want a bunch of money", establish in your mind how much money it is that you really want.
Then write down that very specific amount.
"I want $250,000 dollars" is a much more specific goal that "I want a bunch of money".
And now, your subconscious mind, the universe, and all the wonderful laws that operate in this world around us can kick into gear and start moving the people, places, resources, and ideas around in such a way that you have the opportunity to achieve that goal.
I know this is pretty metaphysical and it sounds a little kooky, for lack of a better term, but as basically as it can be explained...
at least by me...
that's how it all gets started.
If you are unclear about your goal, then your mind cannot possible be focused and the events and circumstances around you will tend to be more chaotic than structured.
Not necessarily in the sense that you would experience actual chaos, but the stars will not begin to line up for you with any specificity and so it becomes very unlikely that you will accomplish anything more than ever have.
Because basically, being unclear in our own minds has become a national pastime.
Think of a microwave oven.
The microwave cooks.
That's just what it does.
Much like the mind of man creates.
If you were to put a bag of microwave popcorn in the oven and press the "popcorn" button, the oven would do it's thing and in about three minutes or so, you would have a big, full bag of buttery goodness.
If, however, you weren't real clear on the whole process and just started pressing buttons...
"defrost", "high", "low" and were unsure of how many minutes you needed to have the oven on and at which power level...
you might either never get the kernels popped, or end up with a big mess once you finally shut the operation down.
Whatever the result, it wouldn't be close to what you thought you were focusing on and you would likely be aggravated and maybe even pissed off at the oven itself.
Your mind works in much the same way.
It will begin to create whatever you put into it.
And so, if you are focused and specific, it can get about the business of creating what has become your dominant thought pattern.
If you are unclear or change your ideas every 24 hours...
the mind finds itself in a constant state of starting, stopping, restarting, re-stopping, and in the end you will not have created anything other than the usual craziness that you experience right now.
You have to be clear! That's the first and maybe most important step.
It is, without question, what you have the most control over.
Next, I believe you should be honest enough with yourself to know "why" you desire something.
What's your motive? You can't really fool yourself, so you may as well get it all out on the table.
Be honest! If for no other reason, because it will make you feel good about your goal and it will add that emotional kick you need to jump start the process.
Understand yourself.
Embrace your dreams and your imagination.
They are purely yours.
Own them! The "why" is actually the fun part.
It is your constant reminder of how good or peaceful or important you will feel once your goal has come to pass.
You should really sort of relish in the "why".
The more time you spend with this one, the better you're going to feel mentally and emotionally.
Great stuff! Okay, now here's where it can get pretty tough...
You simply can't get caught up in the "how" or the "when".
I know, I know...
ugghhh, right? You might be wondering what your first steps should be if you can't be thinking about the "how".
That's a great question! The fact that you're thinking that way is a good thing.
Here's the answer, which sounds a bit cryptic, but the more you practice it, the clearer it will become; You need to move in the direction that you feel led to move in.
You need to take inspired action.
I understand that sounds sort of like someone saying to you, "you'll just know" after you ask them a very serious question about how you'll know when the time or the situation is right.
But in it's simplicity, lies it's truth.
You simply do what you think you need to do.
You will be motivated internally to take some action steps, and this is where you need to follow your gut and just get going.
You don't have to see the entire journey played out before you can start.
You just need to begin.
The vast majority of people fail at something because they never, ever get started.
Make the move! What I mean by this is that once you have decided what it is you really want, you need to focus on that goal, believe in yourself and start doing things that you feel will lead you in the right direction.
Ask for information, find books to read on the subject, volunteer for jobs that may be related.
These are all things that you will probably feel inspired to do because you're chasing your passion.
Do those things.
Keep doing them.
Always be moving forward, even and maybe especially when you don't know if it's getting you anywhere.
Your belief in your goal is the fuel that will keep your inner fire burning.
As you do these things, you will uncover information that will lead you further along.
You will meet people who can help you and who have influence.
Pretty soon, you'll be running in a different circle of friends, you will be gaining knowledge and to your amazement, you will be getting closer to your ultimate goal! "When" it happens is the other kicker.
You have to be patient.
You just gotta chill.
You don't have an option here.
Patience is virtuous.
Don't use patience as a crutch for inaction, though.
You should never think of it as "waiting" for something or someone to do it for you.
Keep active but take deep breaths, laugh a lot, enjoy the journey.
Understand that for you, things will happen exactly like they are suppose to as long as you trust and pursue.
I like to say that once you have resolved to have infinite patience, you often begin to experience immediate results.
It's another crazy way the world works.
But it's also pretty cool! You need to have faith that the timing for you will be perfect and I can tell you that it will.
It's not easy to believe that, but if you can discipline yourself to trust in the perfection of the process, you will experience the miraculous payoff.
You can always check the mailbox some time down the road...
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